Deep learning in neuroimaging

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have made it possible for computers to understand images, sound, text and make decisions, in many cases, better and faster than humans.

Methinks uses these new techniques, namely, Google's new deep learning framework, Tensorflow, to analise neuroimaging for diagnosis of brain related diseases.

We focus on specific pathologies, like acute stroke, to obtain clinical excellence.

We are supported by :

Accio Neotec EIT Health

Methinks team

Pau Rodríguez


Cristian Martí

  Founder and CSO

Carlos Crespo


Cristina Granés

  Senior Developer

Advisory Board

Dr. Lluís Donoso

Director of Radiology in Hospital Clínic. Doctor “Cum Laude” for the Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona. Previously director of radiology at UDIAT and was executive director of Corporació Sanitaria Parc Taulí. Additionally Dr. Donoso has been president of the European Society of Radiology and is honorific member of the North American Society of Radiology.

Dr. Angel Chamorro

Director of Stroke unit in Hospital Clínic. Doctor in Neurological Medicine and Surgery for the University of Barcelona. Professor in Neurology. Stroke Fellow, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, New York. Has participated in more than 140 published articles. Is scientific advisor in over 10 companies and has been principal investigator in over 10 international multicenter clinical trials. Has been president of the European Stroke Congress and participated in multiple conferences.

Dr. Marc Ribo

Interventionist in Hospital Vall d'Hebron Doctor in Medicine for Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, specialist in Neurology. Stroke Fellowship at University of Texas-Houston. Member or ESMINT executive committee. Founder of Anaconda Biomed. Assistant Professor Stroke Unit. Editor in Interventional Neurology Journal. Professor of Neurology at U.A.B.

Dr. Joan Bigorra

Director of Innovation in Hospital Clinic. Doctor in Medicine for Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, specialist in Clinical Pharmacology, Previously worked as Director of Fundació Clínic, General Director in Novartis Farmaceutica and Medical Director of R&D in Bayer. Has written and published more than 60 articles on innovation, research and results in health. Associate professor in Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Scientific Director in the Master on leadership and Science Management (UB, UAB, UPF) IDEC.

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Plaça de Pau Vila

08039 Barcelona, Spain


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