Deep learning developer

Will be an integral part of a small development team, responsible for research and development of deep learning systems for analysis of neuroimage. The right candidate will possess good analytical and programming skills, be willing to investigate and fail many times without despairing. Most importantly, you should have an appetite for creating new ways of solving problems, with artificial intelligence, applied in the real world, to improve health care in the world, and save lives!

We are looking for someone that can/has:

  • Understand the new way of programming using neural networks.
  • Read and keep up to date with related scientific literature
  • Guide and assist other development team members as part of a project team.
  • Work closely with technical leads to design development roadmap.
  • Work with neuroimaging tools to pre-process and post-process data.
  • Understand the medical implications of the diagnosing tools being developed.
  • Some experience/interest in Tensorflow/deep learning/machine learning.
  • Good capability to learn new software tools on his own.
  • Experience with python, numpy and pandas.
  • Some experience in image processing, transformations, filtering, etc.
  • Work with Amazon Web Services environment
  • The ability to setup, maintain and optimize Linux-based application servers
  • None of the above but a good sense of humor and readiness to learn

Benefits/what we can offer:

  • Workplace: Pier01 in Barcelona, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Port Vell
  • Annual compensation: $35K - $42K per year, and milestone bonuses.

If interested, please fill in the form:
If you have any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

View from the Methinks offices located just in front of the old port of Barcelona, 500m from the Barceloneta beach

Pier 1, Office 2D2

Plaça de Pau Vila

08039 Barcelona, Spain


Mo-Fr: 10.00 - 18.00 CET(Spain)